Project Management & Consultancy

With our techinical and design expertise lasting for many years, we're proud to also offer some design and construction services for new homes which is on par with out main services as Design and Build.

Project management and consultancy was always included overall planning, site supervision, professional advises, site coordination & control, comprehensive site work schedule for dateline and others. On top of this,
MAGPLAS DESIGN designers will always make sure client's requirements is met and achieved in order to produce a functionality and financially viable project.

Accuracy : Our average estimation from preliminary budget forecast final bid is less than 1% (Industry average is 3%) 

Accountability : Our determination to make every single customer happy doesn't end with the final clean-up. In or out of the warranty period, we state that we stand behind the long-term quality of our work.

Consistency : We've built our business on the strength of long-term reputation-working with many repeat clients and by forging strong & professional as to local workers or subcontractors, utility companies and municipalities.

If you want to discuss or talk about your project with MAGPLAS DESIGN designers, kindly send us your inquiry by visiting our Contact us page. 

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