New Building Construction

There could be or always many reasons for needing an extension for your existing unit.

Your house or commercial unit need more space? Yet, get a new place is not a good option ? Create more space and expand it right NOW. Extension is always a good idea for more spacing with our efficient and practical space planning. 

Most common extension :-
Kitchen extension
Rear extension
Car porch extension
Single storey to double storey
Double storey to 3-storey
and more....

Don't know who to hire? How the process should go? What kind of material quality should use? Do not prefer to deal with a lot documentation and legal obligation for approval ? Let US assist and do it for you. Hire professional firm like US to do all this for you. We cover from design, demolition, until build up works.

If you want to discuss or talk about your project with MAGPLAS DESIGN designers, kindly send us your inquiry by visiting our Contact us page. 

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